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Here you can find the overall summary of our main projects as well as the ones we participated in. Our main goal is always game development, but we like to create a lot of other stuff- here you can find our best creations.

Devorian: Scavengers

The first complex game set in our fictional complex Victorian-steampunk universe, for which we have big plans. In this title, you become one of the brave adventurers who travel to places long abandoned by their civilization, and often contaminated. Your quest will be threatened by other factions of interest, in the form of NPCs, and sometimes by the players themselves. Discover the beauty of suspense, action, and the ability to upgrade your character to your satisfaction. Welcome to the planet Devorian!

MC: Devorian Steampunk

MC: Devorian Steampunk

With our talented team of graphic designers, we are constantly looking for new challenges and opportunities to expand our creative boundaries. And that is how the unique texture pack for Minecraft was born, coming as a flash of inspiration at a time when we were looking for where to channel our creativity and energy to make our work meaningful and original. The pack represents our idea of what a steampunk world could look like in Minecraft. This pack is the result of our passion and creative energy, and we hope you will love it as much as we do.