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The beginnings of the difficult year 2020

Game Development, News 21. April 2020
As you all may already know if you do not live on another planet in our Solar System, we have a global illness running around. Economic downturn can be seen in every part of our population including IT, but we are trying our best to cope with the uneasy situation and work the best we can, though having more time would be nice.

We have created a clear form of crafting in general. For the programming part, we are working on a new system of house-building. We truly hope that at the time when Devorian is in the testing phase of development, you will like this system.
We do not want to promise huge things, especially without physical background. But we still want to be transparent in terms of what we are working on. There is also a rumor about a Devorian video, but what is true about that, will not be revealed yet.

Thanks to the graphic department, we have created a lot of new assets for the game and because of that, we can promote one other game title. That is why we have decided to enhance the waiting for Devorian by deepening the whole story so the start of the game might be more emotional.
The new game is going to be an adventure and its story is going to be set before the beginning of MMO Devorian. We are now working on a graphic documentation and are trying to clear the story up a bit. In the next few months, we will bring more information and graphics. :)

We are still a very small startup with a solid ground, and we are glad to welcome anyone new. So! If you are a talented and initiative graphic/programmer and if you are determined to learn new things and able to do your work responsibly, please do not hesitate to write to us even though there may currently be no positions opened at the moment. There are no fees for asking and for every dedicated person that has game dev in their heart, there is always a place for them.

Finally, I would like to thank you for reading this whole article and I would like to promise you that you will not have to wait very long for the next article. But I guess you already know, that there is a ton of work and the desire to write the next report always somewhere leaves… I can maximally promise you that I will improve and work on publicly informing you of new community managers and to work more on the MMO or adventure. Until then, I look forward for the next report.


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