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Dark Sheep – New webpages and summary

News 21. December 2019
As I was saying in the beginning, we finally released the new website, which will reflect our true focus, main goals and projects that we currently work on or partake in. Our old websites were from times when we were also working on graphics, logo design and creating webpages At the beginning of this year this has finally changed, since reaching our main goal – gathering enough resources (after two new investors joined in), which finally allowed us to transform into full-fledged game development studio. Hence, from now on our primary objective is creation of computer games. We did not neglect our previous projects and on some of them we still manage, but our intent is mostly to continue as a game developing team.

This year our team started preparations for our first standalone game title - which is quite ambitious, compared to most Czech gaming scene titles, since it is not a single player game. In many of the future articles I will focus on this game project, so I could go into further detail about its setting, mechanics et cetera. Simultaneously we are helping Argoneum inc., that strives to create decentralized ecosystem with multifunctional purpose – for us specifically in usage of decentralized servers for games, possibly eliminating ever threatening DDoS hacker attacks. We are also making arrangements to launch our own payment platform to reflect 21. Century and provide you with an option to fully embrace payments in Fiat, Bitcoin or other crypto currencies. Our future plan is to give access of our payment software to other companies as we fully embrace progress and innovation.

Dark Sheep company is foremost a game development studio, where all the hyped-up individuals are nicely balancing between work and fun. In the future you can expect some accompanying projects, because challenges are intriguing for us. Part of our main idea behind gaming studio was to educate game enthusiasts that were not fortunate enough to partake in this business. Therefore, I will soon inform you in another article about our project “Dark Sheep Academy” in further detail.

Part of our free-spirited attitude is promoting freeware. Therefore, it is no shocker that we use it whenever we can. For our newcomers it is much easier to acquire all the necessary tools, since they are already at their disposal. We are currently using Blender, Unity, CryEngine, Gimp, Krita, Inkscape and handful of other software. Obviously not everything can be swapped by freeware, but we try to use it whenever it is possible.

To sum up, I would like to thank you all for reading this long article and ask those, who know people invested in games the same way we are, to take a look at our Career section, since we will soon be opening few new working positions during our planned expansion. Mainly we will be looking for remote programmers, but there is always a possibility of other position being available. Thus, do not be shy and write us. You will never know, maybe you are the one we are looking for.


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