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The adventure continues

Game Development, Graphics, News 25. February 2021
2020 was a year to be remembered. Or forgotten, whichever you prefer. The outside-world pandemic has only made us focus more on games, game gaming, game talking, but mainly game development.

Our adventure game in the works Devorian: Left Behind, is taking shape! The script has progressed through several iterations, and we have also improved our art style.

Left Behind will not only be a unique, stand-alone adventure, it will also serve as the introduction to the universe we are creating - Devorian Realms. After you will finish playing Left Behind (several times, with different outcomes), you will be able to fully explore our steampunk universe in our planned MMO - Devorian Online.

We would love to show you more of what we have completed, but there will be plenty of time for that, so for right now, this will have to do.

During 2020, as we were delving deeper (both into the development and into nuclear shelters), we have decided to upgrade some technology we have been using, increase graphic detail, and we are also adding more game features. This means Left Behind will be an even bigger game and a stronger experience.

This will require some more time and resources to complete. Left Behind is currently scheduled for Q4 2021. In the meantime, to increase our development funds and to give our graphic designers more practice, we came up with the idea to make a steampunk-themed, "Devorian-like" resource pack for a game loved by us and many others - Minecraft.

We are happy to say that we have finished this rather fast and MC: Devorian Steampunk is now available! You can test the free 64x version, or you can purchase the high-res 128/256/512x version on Patreon.

For our patrons, we will be releasing monthly updates, adding more and more blocks. Additionally, we are planning to remake animal models, textures and even items.

Devorian Steampunk is the very first glimpse into Devorian Realms, and it is only up to you if you decide to start exploring it right now! All funds collected will help us with funding of our other game projects.

For more information visit our dedicated project pages: ->> HERE <<-

The feedback from the Minecraft community is pretty positive.

The other good news is that our manpower, or rather, sheeppower has also increased. We have two more freelancers working with us, who are involved in the development of both Devorian Steampunk and Left Behind. This will speed things up, and we are looking forward to share more with you - details in the coming months.


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